Newells Stores

by | Jun 19, 2020

Leading independent grocery retailer explains how Gig Grafter has assisted managing wage costs.

Newell Stores is one Northern Ireland’s leading independent supermarkets.  With two stores in Dungannon and Coalisland the family run business employs around 300 people locally and sits at the heart of the community.

Like many essential service providers Newell’s stayed open throughout the Coronavirus lockdown period serving and supporting the local community.

In doing so it had to adapt quickly to a continually changing work environment.

“Trying to schedule team members in our different departments throughout the crisis has been challenging”.  Explains Helen Hamill of Newell Stores .  “Staff availability has been affected by school closures and employees self-isolating.   Implementing social distancing measures to keep team members and customers safe has also increased costs”.

During this period Gig Grafter’s Online Rota Software has been an important tool in enabling the company to organise its employee rotas, manage wage costs and support more flexible working.

In explaining how Newell Stores has benefited from adopting Gig Grafter’s Scheduler, Helen went on to explain “Staff scheduling, and cost control has never been more important.  Gig Grafter instantly estimates our payroll costs as we plan our rotas and presents this information as a percentage against our sales projections.  This is critical in helping us meet tight budgetary constraints and to operate profitably”.