Lilley’s Centra, Enniskillen

by | Sep 11, 2020

If you live, work, visit or travel through Enniskillen, the chances are you will have visited one of Una Lilley’s two very busy Centra Supermarkets and fuel forecourts. 

With key locations on the Belfast and Ballyshannon roads, including the recently renovated Erneside autofill involving an investment of over £2m, the Lilley family have been operating successful retail businesses for more than thirty years.

Una recently introduced Gig Grafter’s Online Scheduling platform to her businesses to improve the speed and efficiency with which her management team plan and publish rotas across her rapidly growing business.

In explaining the benefits gained from using Gig Grafter, Una commented;

“Gig Grafter has helped bring into sharper focus the impact rota planning has on both the productivity and profitability of our businesses”.

“The software enables our management team to plan rotas that are sustainable and  planned against specific  budgets for each department”. 

“The software has been remarkably easy to set up and learn to use and the support provided by the team at Gig Grafter has been excellent”.

“What attracted us in choosing to use Gig Grafter is that it’s a local business founded by two brothers which means they understand the needs of family businesses like ours.”

“Their passion for what they are doing comes across with each interaction and I have been particularly impressed by their desire to understand how businesses like ours operate in order to develop software that meets our needs.”   

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