Keeping It Simple by Design

Our online rota software is designed to let you dive right in and start scheduling.  Minimal setup, no configuration.
Simply add your first employee and start scheduling.


No Credit or Debit Card Details Required.


Creating Your Rota

Less complex than many alternatives our our online staff scheduling software provides a powerful and simple solution that allows you to create fast, flexible and budgeted rotas in minutes.

Spend less time scheduling and more time growing sales and delivering excellent customer service

Copy & Paste Regular Shifts


Most businesses have a set of regular or routine shifts that need to be worked each day.  With Gig Grafter’s Online Rota Software you  create a shift once and simply assign it to all relevant employees across the week with our powerful copy shift feature.

You can also copy your regular shifts from week to week allowing you to build up each weekly rota in minutes.

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Rota Templates


Every week’s a rota template with Gig Grafter – If you’re creating a rota where the shift rotations are similar to a previous week, simply select and copy the relevant rota to the current week.

After that you can manage any shift changes between employees with ease using our simple drag and drop feature.

Create your first rota and every rota’s a breeze after that.

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Managing Multiple Rotas


Operate across different locations or simply require separate rotas for different business functions or departments, Gig Grafter has it covered.

Create as many rotas as you require assigning relevant employees to each rota.

Employees can be assigned to more than one rota.  Our Rota Software provides instant alerts to the scheduler preventing shift conflicts.

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Managing Budgets and Cost Controls


Managing weekly wage costs is essential in helping you remain competitive and profitable.

Gig Grafter’s Rota Software dynamically calculates a wage costs by day, week and employee each time you add a shift.  

As well as hours worked, our clever system incorporates holiday pay, employers NIC and employers work place pension contributions  enabling you to budget against actual payroll

Assign a budget to each weekly rota and our smart scheduling provides instant cost comparisons and budget alerts to keep you and your managers on track.

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Colour Coding Roles & Shifts


With Gig Grafter you can colour code both your roles and your shifts.

Colour coding a role provides a quick and easy way for the scheduler to see, at a glance, that key functions are covered each day.

Colour coding a shift provides additional versatility to highlight something specific or important about that shift or the person performing it.

You may have a shift for a manager, but this specific shift may be colour coded to denote that the person assigned to that shift is also a first-aider, a keyholder or is responsible for cashing up.

Alternatively, you may want to highlight a group of shifts that have different roles but all relate to a specific activity e.g. breakfast service in a hotel.

The beauty about Gig Grafter is that we simply create the tools but you define the rules.

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Publish Your Rota

Once your rota is complete  simply click Publish and each employee receives instant notifications by SMS and email letting them know when they are scheduled to work.  

No guess work, no confusion, no phone calls from staff wondering when they are working next – just more time for you and your managers to focus on growing your business.



Manage Rota Updates

Updates & Changes


Need to make changes to your rota after its published, no problem.

If you add, edit, delete or reassign shifts between employees you can publish the updates.  Only those employees affected by the changes receive instant updates by SMS and email.

Track Holidays and Availability


Add time off requests and requests for annual leave to the system.

This data will be available each week ensuring staff are not booked to work when they are not available.



Staff Contact Details in One Secure App


Your managers and supervisors have access to employee details including contact details securely from any device.

As this information is stored securely online there is no need for managers to hold personal employee data on private phones that can be lost or stolen, ensuring improved GDPR compliance across your business.